CosmicGuy Reviews The Potensic T25 Drone

CosmicGuy Reviews The Potensic T25 Drone

First – I am still a beginner. I just retired and started a streaming TV station and will be using Drones quite a bit to save in human costs – lol –

I first started out with a Drone half the price of this one. I wanted to see what I was getting into.
It gave me a rudimentary idea, and then broke.

I researched and researched and found that there is a big schism between cheap-o decent – above average and then the ones you and I can not afford.

This Potensic T25 drone worked as advertised and it is sturdy and can take my beginner status including caught in trees and flying further than the battery charge left, and it returned every time perfectly.

The batteries are decent, but like RAM in a computer,
one can never have too many batteries. I have yet to have to replace the blades, and it comes with spares..

So again this video is just chop shop – more learning curves for me – but you can get the idea.

-it is stable way up high, and once you disable BEGINNER mode, you will be impressed with it’s range.
-it has three speeds. you can really zip along in speed 3.

I used speed one to edge through that graveyard just to show it’s level and steady and can really make hairpin turns.

There IS finesse to maneuvering this craft and Potensic didn’t forget to include it. I am still learning it as you can see.

SO WHY DID CosmicGuy GIVE IT 4 out of 5 STARS?
the 2K camera is it’s only weakness. They have a model for another $100.00 that takes things to 4k.
I will be keeping this one for practicing and then I will be purchasing their 4K camera model above this one.

Nice job.