Psychological Color Expert™ Shares What She Charges For a Paint Consultation + More!

Psychological Color Expert™ Shares What She Charges For a Paint Consultation + More!

July Newbie Webinar

RESA CEO Shell Brodnax hosts a special guest on the First Thursday of each month to talk about all things related to home staging, including how to grow your business, how to get started, how to get agents how to get it… and much more!

In July, The Decorologist, Kristie Barnett was our special guest.

Questions answered:
– How do you get started in the home staging business? What training should I take?
– When is the right time to start a website?
– How do you determine exterior colors? What do you base your formula on for determining the right colors in a dwelling?
– Would you recommend buying or renting large furniture pieces when starting out?
– What do you charge for a color consultation and up to how many hours?
– I recently applied for my wholesale license so I can offer my design clients more options instead of just ordering things online or in stores. What are the best places to shop wholesale?
– I’m almost ready to start marketing to agents/investors! I’m looking for suggestions on how to best reach out to potential clients.
– What systems do you have in place to keep track of your properties?
– What is your best advice for someone who needs to fire their client but doesn’t know how?
– When leaning XL art on a wall on top of a counsel does anyone have any tricks or tips? I’m afraid it will fall.
– Debating between using the word staging vs styling in my business name. Doing owner-occupied work now using light merchandise—bedding, accessories, etc. Does anyone feel this industry trending more towards the term styling?

Recorded live on July 1st, 2021

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