On Off Duty Status As A Flight Attendant Jamie Isn’t Worried, He Earns The Same With Online Business

On Off Duty Status As A Flight Attendant Jamie Isn’t Worried, He Earns The Same With Online Business

Hi I’m Darren, I’m one half of Darren and Mike, and today I’m interviewing Jamie about his online business. Hi Jamie, so when did you start your online business?

Yeah I started about two years ago, I’m a flight attendant for Air Canada, and I was looking for something to supplement my income because, I love my job, but I want to take early retirement.

And what’s your favorite thing about this business?

Oh what a couple of things, the first thing is that I think that I had a limited view on abundance. I had sort of a poverty mentality, so I’ve really learned from you guys to expand, and allow abundance into my life and that, that’s okay, especially when you’re doing it in a holistic way, and giving back, and helping others. So I’ve really has helped my own sense of self-worth, that I’m worthy of abundance. And the second thing is, right now I’m on what’s called off duty status, as a flight attendant, and I don’t have to worry, because I’m making as much as my Air Canada salary, every month with the online business. So that brings me peace of mind during these times.

Right in that well that kind of brought me to my next question, like what’s the biggest change in your life since you started your business?

Yeah I would say it is that shift in abundance, that self-worth piece. You guys, I think I told you before, but I’ll say it again, like you guys have helped me – sounds cheesy, but to really love myself and to know that I am worthy of abundance, and I’m worthy of my dreams coming true, and living my dream life, and that’s what you guys teach us. And I’m really grateful.

Thank you and you’re fun to work with so thank you. And thanks for you know, letting me do this quick interview today, really appreciate it.

Yeah definitely come check it out guys.
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