First Foundation Founder – Steven Carden

First Foundation Founder – Steven Carden

A big thank you to our generous partners, who are each supporting talented young Kiwis and helping break intergenerational cycles of disadvantage in New Zealand.

Thanks to you, each of these students will have life-changing support throughout the important transition from school to university, and into the workplace.

As well as financial support, they’ll have close guidance from someone who’s been through university and access to professional networks that lead to career opportunities – both powerful benefits that many of us take for granted.

In this short video, First Foundation founder Steven Carden thanks our partners and funders for supporting deserving young Kiwis in the aftermath of a difficult year.

“It’s incredible we’ve had so many companies invest in the future generation of this country. You know, times are tough, it’s hard for a lot of companies. But they realise the investments we make today in these young people are the fruits we’ll get tomorrow as a society, and we’re really thankful they’ve been so generous with their support.”