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What is CCPA?

How can I make my account more secure?

What is an Approved Address?

How can I use approved addresses on the app?

How long does adding an approved address take?

How do I remove an approved address?

How do I add an approved address?

I’ve purposefully frozen my account – what do I do now?

Turning off Authy Multi-Device Support

Are my funds insured?

Where can I find my private key?

Who performed your SOC 1 Type 1 examination?

What is a SOC 2 and why is it important?

Gemini’s primary support channel is email. The Gemini Customer Support team will only call their customers in special cases upon request and after coordinating a date and time via email correspondence.

Besides making your Gemini account secure, it’s important to practice situational awareness online. Here are some suggestions for general internet safety:

Never give out personal identifying information through untrusted sources.

Never allow remote access into your computer.

Be aware of phone scammers who disguise themselves as ‘Gemini Customer Support.’ There are only a few ways to get in touch with the Gemini Customer Support team which can be found here.

2-factor authentication (2FA) is a common login method that institutions use for an extra layer of security. If you sense your 2FA process has changed unexpectedly, it may be compromised and you should report it right away.

Always confirm that the URL you use is either or specifically when you are signing in to Gemini.

Always report any suspicious activity to us immediately .

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We all know now that Gemini Support has been extremely slow now, and there are many of us that are frustrated by the lack of customer service, myself included.

Gemini offers a few options to reach out to support. Here are some that I have tested out:

Method Result

Support Ticket via website Tickets receive no response. My first ticket was submitted on 01/06/21. I did not receive a confirmation email either.

Emailing I sent an email on 01/07/21 and FINALLY got a response today.

Sending a DM on Twitter @ GeminiSupport I sent a message on Twitter and received a reply 24 hours later. I was asked for the email address on file and was told to email support. I sent another message and got radio silence afterward.

Calling their Customer Support Phone Number There is just an automated voice message telling you to email support.

The most effective way to receive a response from Gemini is to email their support.

SCAMMER ALERT: there is someone on Twitter called @ GeminiSupport12 who is taking advantage of Gemini’s slow support. They are replying to people’s tweets and telling them to email Gemini’s technical team, and they are putting down a yahoo email. I saw this person under Gemini Support’s most recent tweet.