Segmented 13%, Part 6: Botwoon

Segmented 13%, Part 6:  Botwoon

This is the fifth part of a segmented 13% run in Super Metroid.

For a description of the project, see:

A brief description of this part is that this is getting past the Botwoon hallways, climbing Halfie Climb Room, and crossing Colosseum.

Some detailed comments on this part (in order, with comments both on the quality of the run and on 13% strats in general):

First, I must climb Aqueduct. I did this with the weird snail climb, since it is easier. You just jump on this snail, press against the wall, and then hold down. This is why I wanted more than 50 health (but less than 100), so I could take a hit from this snail at the top (this is possible to avoid, but annoying). Using the fast snail (to the right) may be faster, but this is definitely easier.

Now I use this same snail to set up the R-mode clip. The snail should go up a little bit, and then you morph onto it.

Then R-mode, and put a small amount of health in reserves.

These jumps are dumb. I swear they are subpixel dependent: You need a crouch jump, but you need to clear the ceiling above you.

Moonwalk to free the mochtroid so you can escape as soon as possible. Shoot the mochtroid a couple times as you fall, to slow it down. Then R-mode clip.

After R-mode clipping, you should kill the other enemies to try to get health drops before Botwoon. You do this AFTER the R-mode clip so your Reserves fill quickly and the mochtroid doesn’t hurt you again while clipping.

Botwoon is Botwoon. Got 7 supers in first cycle, which is pretty good damageless suitless. Then it is just knowing patterns.

Now I G-mode through post Botwoon hallway. The reason is (1) I can’t get Botwoon Energy Tank, and (2) getting up to the ledge with the Energy Tank would require L+R, which I am trying to minimize. This G-mode isn’t that bad, although be careful of the Puyos.

I farm to full, for the upcoming Draygon fight.

I forgot I wanted to x-ray climb, and just ran into Halfie Climb Room. But, yeah, you can x-ray climb the first part of this room, to avoid doing such a long L+R climb. You have to be a bit careful (one-sided climbs) to not fall out of the wall.

After this, you do then have to L+R climb. I swear breaking the water surface feels more like RNG, even though I know it isn’t. Note I charged my beam since it didn’t change the inputs at all for the climb, and to try to protect myself from the Mochtroid above.

To cross Colosseum, I start with a single diagonal bomb jump. I find this much easier than any other strat.

For the second spike, simply run off with good speed and then aim down.

The third spike is the easiest.

If I wanted max ammo for Draygon, I should go down and open the green door and then get back up. I decide to not do this, because I hate farming Supers off of Mochtroids (I seem to have absolutely terrible luck with them). This is also why I used missiles to open the door instead of a super.