New Continent – Interview 1

New Continent – Interview 1

Who is Michael Millasseau ?

What’s so special about the book New Continent?

It all begins with a signal in space. A strange message.

The starship New Continent has been lost in the galaxy for over five hundred years. Guided by this radio wave, her passengers will finally be able to enjoy a world that is not limited to the ends of passageways. There is exultation. For this generation, Earth was only a legend.
But the euphoria does not last. They discover an annihilated planet and the possible extinction of mankind. What happened? How could humanity have disappeared, only leaving behind one more pebble in the universe? Questions to which the Captain Ilyana Ferguson persists in seeking answers for.

From the very first pages of this non-stop action science fiction military adventure, you’ll plunge into the heart of a thrilling plot that sets up deadly obstacles and multiplies the twists and turns. Once the first chapters are read, events take place in real time. You’ll be holding your breath. You won’t be able to put the book down…

Until the message finally reveals all its secrets.