2021.5.24 CROSSING.MOV

2021.5.24 CROSSING.MOV

Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven. You don’t wanna lose that, do ya?

My memory is fading, but I still remember the important things. I remember what Jesus said in the Beatitudes, too. I don’t remember His exact words, but I remember what He wanted to tell us…

– Can you say all 16 memory verses?
• Have you been sharing with others? How’s it goin?
• Are you having an effect on those around you? Of course you are! Are you having a positive effect?
• Are you loving your enemies? Remember, don’t try to love them with your love, but with GOD’s ágape love.

Today’s Monday, so we’re gonna Zoom tonight at 7:30, if Jesus doesn’t come back for us before then. Watch out, okay?
What does Jesus mean when He tells us not to do our good deeds publicly. Does it mean I can’t share any more videos? Does it mean I can’t post again? Well, maybe it depends on my motives, right?

Look, I know you’re busy… but can you take a moment to read Matthew 6.1-18, even if you can’t Zoom tonight?!

So… according to Jesus how should we (His followers) do the good works He assigned us before time began? What should motivate everything we think, say, do, eat, drink, post…. What motivates a follower of Jesus to do what we do?

You know, we’re better together. Take a minute to look at the faces and listen to the voices in yesterday’s YouTube from the building at Crossroads. Look. Listen. Now, tell me, we’re better together, right or wrong?

We love you. We pray for you. Please, pray for us. Today, tomorrow, this week, and the time that remains will not get easier. He told us that. Get ready. Prepare. Pray. Praypare!


Father, we love you because You first loved us. Help us to love one another and go out of our way to look for others who have lost their way and desperately need to follow Your Way.

We believe you. We ask you with the confidence Your Son Jesus gives us.

Thanks @Crossroads.Panama for letting me the uniform. We’ll all play major league one day soon!

Thanks @AThirdofUS for helping me pray, prepare, and praypare!