Beretta 92x Performance Overview

Beretta 92x Performance Overview

Beretta 92X Performance Overview

So yes we finally scored one. The new cocked-n-locked Beretta 92 that was all the rage at SHOT a while back.

Lots of really neat touches on this example. The maturity of the 92 design shows through here. If you are a Beretta guy, I suspect you will love it. If you are a 1911 guy, I suspect you will love it. If you are a CZ guy, I suspect you will love it.

The ONLY thing I can legitimately kick this model on, at first contact, is the sharpness. This gun is sharp. No joke. And I mean everywhere. Anyone who runs thus gun aggressively will draw their own blood. No two ways about it.

Fortunately, that sharpness is also present in the cocking serrations. Which are fantastic! The fact I am mentioning the CS on video and in the description should be a clue.

I’ll take serious cocking serrations from the factory all day! And just dehorn the control surface pain points myself and call it even.

Neat gun. Glad we have it.

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