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Fentanyl has changed our World…

My tragedy has proven to me that our nation knows of Addiction, but for many in society only to the point of ignorance. A large portion of our Nation continues the tragic and tiring debate over Choice vs. Disease. A debate that has proven to be a contributing factor as to why society’s stigma is held firmly against those fighting Addiction. A debate that has proven to deliver deadly consequences.

The debate, Choice vs. Disease, is just deadly noise as loved ones are dying at an alarming rate. The debate doesn’t matter if it ever did, as substance use takes loved ones away from their families and friends.

So many in our society still say, “Not My Child”, as none could imagine their own facing how our society portrays Addiction, on TV, in the movies, in the news, in posts on all social media platforms. As well as how Addiction is portrayed in documentaries like life on skid row, and ones about the small towns across America being ravaged by substance use, crime, and deaths by overdose.

With our society conditioned for decades with overshadowing tragic imagery of the depth Addiction can take a person, I am not surprised why Addiction is so misunderstood. I can understand how anyone who sees just a glimpse of another person’s hell, the most tragic and horrendous parts where Addiction will gladly take them; and how only showing the bloodiest outcomes could ultimately create enough fear to put judgment and blame on those who suffer and enforce a person’s denial of the real threat.

Who could ever imagine their child or loved one, cared and loved deeply, could ever land in a position our society spotlights, all the evilest parts of Addiction. How would anyone ever possibly imagine one of their own could live such a reality? Hence one of the reasons why “Not My Child” is thought and said.

But Addiction doesn’t always take loved ones to the evilest parts, but it will gladly take them to hell and back, as you and other loved ones are made to witness.

Substance use now is forever Changed…

The alarming rise of deaths by overdose was experienced in 2020. 93,000 children and loved ones were taken, the majority by the illicit substance Fentanyl. Over 250 plus family’s and loved ones are notified every day that someone they love deeply has been taken from this world.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100% more potent than morphine. No doubt the number of deaths by what it documented in medical terms as an “Overdose”, will exceed a hundred thousand in 2021. That is more human beings than most NFL stadiums can hold.

Fentanyl is poisoning our loved ones, stopping a beating heart during a child’s first unknown use, or for others many uses after. Fentanyl is killing generations, Fentanyl killed my child in 111-days.

Our Nation’s illicit drug supply as far back as 2013 has been slowly saturated by Fentanyl, but today Fentanyl can be found within nearly every illicit street drug purchased and consumed.

Fentanyl is a cheap alternative to Heroin and other opioid-based drugs, and since it offers a similar sedentary high, drug traffickers at every level of the chain are using it and are putting it in other non-opioid illicit substances.

Fentanyl has all but replaced Heroin, it is being used to make fake pressed pills, put in powder form, and more. Today because of Fentanyl Americans are more likely to die by accidental opioid overdose than by a car crash.

Illicit substances that include Fentanyl are not being made by using any standard system of drug measurement or are created by using professional-grade pharmaceutical machinery. Illicit substances are being mixed with Fentanyl in any fashion, even in a standard-sized kitchen mixing bowl. This highly addictive and deadly substance is mixed with everything that can be found in a family’s medicine cabinet, and everything under the kitchen sink.

The black market, fake pressed pills, containing Fentanyl is being made to look exactly like popular prescription opioids such as Oxytocin, Percocet, Vicodin. As well Fentanyl is being used to make the popularly prescribed medication primarily used to treat anxiety ~Xanax, in pills and bars, and other brands of benzodiazepine prescription medications.

In addition, Fentanyl is also being mixed with other illicit streets drugs such as Crystal Meth, Cocaine, the popular party drug Ecstasy called Molly, MDMA, and other substances like LSD.

Fentanyl guarantees that those dealing illicit substances will have a repeating customer base, even if some are killed by what they sold them. They know babies are born every day of the year, and until they can reach them, they will go after our youth old enough to reach.

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