3 miles of possible

3 miles of possible

LINDA AUSTIN | 3 miles of possible (the first mile)

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3 miles of possible (the first mile)
created and performed by Linda Austin
dramaturgical assistance: Allie Hankins
sounds/music: Austin & Juniana Lanning

Many of the words in this first mile are by Linda.
 Many thanks to Renee Gladman for permission to utter 
the forward from “Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge.” 
Margaret Cavendish’s 17th-century proto-SF utopian 
novel “The Blazing World” is the source for more words.

3 miles of possible explores the poetic and practical associations of “the possible” in a world of fluctuating personal, material, political and artistic contingencies.

In a series of late afternoon performances, Austin presents the first mile of this work, in which she animates and travels along a series of spatial paths envisioned as giant drawings, spells, and/or runes. These paths are threaded through with a variety of movement scores, choreographies, tasks, interactions with objects, texts, songs, and environmental sounds.

When completed, the trajectory will total three miles. It will take as long as it takes.

Although much of the investigation is movement based, visual, sonic, textual and discursive interventions will touch upon utopian thinking, possible world theory, and modal logic.