SS Leaders 10-24-21.mp4

SS Leaders 10-24-21.mp4

SS Leaders 10-24-21

For Leaders
– Focus on personal relationships
– Lesson preparation – make it personal
– Start thinking about SS Christmas parties

Business Meeting – This Sunday at 3pm
– In the Sanctuary
– Discuss 2022 Budget & Committees

Sunday Evenings in the Bridge:
– Cornhole & Volleyball (at 5pm)

Next Sunday – Candypalooza in the Bridge
– 6-7:30pm – Food (chili dogs), games, candy

Explore the Bible – Oct 24 – Colossians 1:24-2:3

Last Week: Start Colossians – The power of the gospel frees us from sin.

This Week: Spiritual transformation is the goal of the gospel.

– Prison letter written by Paul while he was under house arrest in Rome.
– Paul had heard about the church at Colossae, but had never been there personally.
– In this passage, he is emphasizing the sacrifices being made to preach the gospel.
– Paul wants the church to be as dedicated to the gospel and spiritual growth as he is.

READ Col 1:24-27
?? What sufferings were required in order to get the gospel to places like Colossae ??
– People risked their lives
– Beatings, imprisonment, death penalty
– Banishment from Jewish & Roman society
– Losing their livelihoods, families, freedoms

?? What did Paul mean that Christ’s afflictions were lacking ??
– Not referring to salvation
– Christ’s work on the cross is completely sufficient to save
– But the gospel can’t save people who never hear it
– It is the job of God’s people to get that message out to the world (Rom 10:13-15)
– There’s still lots of work to be done, and Paul is giving everything he can to this effort
– He is a servant of the gospel and the church

?? How does Paul describe the gospel in these verses ??
– The mystery that was hidden and is now disclosed
– God’s people in the OT knew there was more, but they couldn’t see it clearly
– The Law was incomplete to save

?? What mystery has now been revealed ??
– First of all, that the Messiah would die as a sin offering
– And secondly that He would atone not only for Israel’s sin, but the Gentile’s sin too!
– This was still a very controversial issue for the Jews, and the main reason Paul was in prison and being attacked

?? What happens to us when Christ covers our sin ??
– He comes to live inside of us
– He gives us the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:9-11; Eph 1:13-14)
– We can now be led by the Spirit and have power over sin
– We have a taste of His glory, righteousness, joy, and peace – foreshadowing of what’s to come

READ Col 1:28-29
?? What is Paul’s purpose in proclaiming the gospel ??
– To present everyone “mature in Christ”
– He wants to save all people
– And he wants them all to grow spiritually

?? What does it mean to be “mature in Christ” ??
– To think and act like Jesus
– To be controlled by the Holy Spirit
– Focus on His desires instead of your own
– To obey and submit to God
– Hear His Voice & respond

?? How seriously does Paul take this assignment ??
– He works and struggles at the expense of his life
– But he relies on God’s strength within him
– Paul is our example

READ Col 2:1-3
?? In what ways do you think Paul is struggling for the church specifically in Colossae ?? (He’s never met them!)
– His thoughts and prayers are focused on them even though he’s never met them personally
– It’s got to be difficult in prison to stay focused on hope and encouragement
– But Paul sees it as essential for the continuing work of the gospel
– We are reading his letter – his efforts to save & mature these people! He was successful

?? Do these words from Paul sound a little bit prideful ?? (…how much I’m struggling for you)
– He needs them to know how much is being sacrificed for their spiritual well-being
– They have an obligation to live out the gospel (Romans 8:12-13)
– Much was given up so that they could know Christ
– The same goes for us: Many sacrifices have been made for our freedoms and ability to study & worship
– We should not take our blessings for granted

?? What does Paul want the church to look like ??
– Encouraged in heart
– Unified in Love
– Complete understanding of Christ
– Filled with wisdom, knowledge, & His riches

?? Do these characteristics describe your relationship with God ??
– Pursuing the knowledge of Christ
– Being encouraged by Him
– Loving people in the church
– We should always strive to go deeper in our walk with Christ
– True riches are found when we seek to do what He desires

Spiritual transformation is the goal of the gospel.