Dr Ali and Team Welcome You to Implants Pro Center

Dr Ali and Team Welcome You to Implants Pro Center

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Dr. Ali: When I was a child, my grandfather used to have dentures and he will say, “Son, be truthful to your teeth. Otherwise they would be false to you.” So, I decided to become a dentist so I can help a lot of people.

Patient 1: A smile means everything to me. That’s when I meet people and I communicate with people, it’s part of good degree thing, it gives hope, it gives help, it gives everything.

Dr. Ali: My vision was to have an implant center, where it’s warm and comfortable, and everyone is an individual and we address their Fear, their expectations, their lifestyle.

Patient 2: Any concern you have, you will find the right answers from him. You will feel like you are at home.

Patient 3: I felt grateful to Dr Ali and his staff. It’s the way they treat me. Because all my life being at the dentist, with a lot of pain and hygienist screaming at you. With Dr Ali’s office, that wasn’t an issue. They wanted me to get the smile that I wanted.

Dr. Ali: Some of my team has been working with me for 20 years now. We are just a big family here and every day we come to work, we are changing lives.

Patient 4: He’s a person that, not only gives his name to his work, he gives his soul. He is amazing. He’s compassionate. And so is his whole team. I’ve never seen a group of people more united and giving themselves.

Patient 5: That talks very well about Dr Mohamed Ali, as a leader in this practice investing on good technology, understanding that technology and make the service for the patients, an amazing experience.

Dr. Ali: It’s so gratifying for all of us that at the end of our journey for every patient treatment, we’re going to give them better smile, we’re going to give them better function. We’re going to make them happier people, we going to take them out of their isolation from society.

Patient 6: I can’t begin to say how much I love these people. They’ve given me my life back, my pride, my sense of being. I will forever give him glory and praise for what they’ve done for me. Thank you, Dr Ali.

Patient 7: I’m just really thankful that I’m one of his patients.

Patient 8: Dr Ali is not only my dentist but a lifelong friend, who’s very compassionate, caring man.

Patient 9: I love the office, I love the people working there.

Patient 10: I am so glad that I had a friend of mine recommended them to me. Thank you, Dr Ali.

Dr. Ali: I’m sure my grandfather’s rule is very happy that I’m giving teeth and smile and function to people. It’s really very gratifying. I mean, it’s a feeling I can’t describe.
As one of the first �robot-assisted dental implant surgery centers in the San Francisco area, we’re breaking from the limitations of conventional treatment modalities and setting a new standard in implant dentistry. The result? A truly outstanding experience for every patient, every time. And the confidence to say we’re not just providing new smiles—we’re changing lives, too.

Permanent dental implants in San Francisco, CA are one of the best investments � you can make in your smile, health, and quality of life. Choose the team whose passion for implant dentistry and dedication to clinical excellence has driven us to become one of the leading implant centers in the Bay Area. Schedule your virtual or FREE in-person consultation at Implants Pro Center© today!

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