The house in the forest (trailer) | LAFF21 Fashion Film

The house in the forest (trailer) | LAFF21 Fashion Film

modelingLAFF 2021 SUBMISSION: Yasuhiko Shimizu, Japan, Campaign, Cinematography, Direction, Emerging, Glam, Innovation, Music, Style


In these unpredictable times, we seem to be wandering in the woods.
Some days are bright and warm, others are dark and stormy.

In the depths of the forest, a beautiful woman finds a ray of light. She follows it to an imposing classical residence, the door of which could be the portal to a new age.
Inside, men and women, all unique individuals, are engaged in a futuristic parallel world. What is she thinking? Which direction will she take?

Celebrating the collective human legacy, this short film aims to capture authentic beauty tinged with a neo-futuristic flavor.

The music created by actor/musician Nobuaki Kaneko, heard through headphones or earphones, presents a dynamic “three-dimensional” echoing sensation.
Together with top models, artist Matt Rose, and Tokyo Ballet principal Dan Tsukamoto, co-star as symbolic icons modelling the collection, creating a rigorous study of beauty with their differing genres.

TAE ASHIDA AUTUMN/WINTER 2021-2022 COLLECTION produced to charge us all with the energy we will need to take our first steps towards the new world that awaits us.

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