Caroline Sost_Vimeo

Caroline Sost_Vimeo

A documentary film by Anja Krug-Metzinger

A cultural trend, the origins of which lie both in antiquity and Asia’s wisdom traditions, is currently enjoying a true renaissance: at present, a new culture of consciousness is emerging in many places across Europe. At the same time, secular practice of mindfulness without any connection to doctrines of salvation or religious dogmas is finding its way into our education system.
The French Football Federation, for example, was the first governing sports body in the world to include “consciousness” and “self-awareness” as a central component of its training programme.

The film shows the experiences that children and teenagers have had in training programmes that combine classical mindfulness meditation, social self-experience and body awareness with schooling in a global perspective and with activism. Can openness, compassion and an ethical attitude in children be increased by mental training? The film also offers unusual insights into current scientific research programmes at the Max-Planck Institute in Leipzig, where one of the world’s largest studies of various forms of mental training was conducted.

New forms of manipulation and the permanent inundation of stimuli from new media environments pose a great risk to children’s mental health. Unnoticed by political institutions, society has long since started to respond. The outcome of this development remains open, however. Can the systematic inner development of young people actually enable them to take on responsibility – for their own lives, for society and the world?

BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD (Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival 2018 Montréal, Canada)

Vera Kaltwasser and Elisabethenschule, Frankfurt am Main
Caroline Sost, Clémentine Raphel und die Living School, Paris
Dr Anna Gamma, Adelheid Tlach-Eickhoff, Annette Loy, Dominik Werner and Project Peace, KlosterGut Schlehdorf with Nina Martusciello, Janus Petznik, Mark Rochlus and others.
Mark Milton – Education 4 Peace Foundation and the Performance Centre of the French Football Federation, Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines
Eveline Degani-Bischof and the familiy camp for non-violent communication with Nicolaj, Magdalena, Susanne und Andreas Kokott and others.
Dr Cécile Cayla, Happy Panda Project and Hochkirchstraße nursery, Berlin
Christine Heinrich and the Freiburg School for Children with Language-based Learning Disabilities
Professor Tania Singer and Max-Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
Helle Jensen and the German-Danish Institute for Family Therapy and Counselling, Berlin
Dieter Fieres, Photography and Frankfurt Westside Studios

producer, director, screenwriter: Anja Krug-Metzinger
scientific monitoring: Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger, (Gutenberg Forschungskolleg, Mainz)
camera: Bernd Meiners,Vita Spieß, Helmut Fischer, Arne Wagner
sound: Nika Breithaupt, Janine Jembere, Ruth Reeh-Georgi, Stefan Zach
film editing: Magdolna Rokob
film editing assistant: Nico Häntzschel
music and sound mixing: Kai Powala
design: Markus Holzum
colour matching: Jonas Schmid
legal advice: Andreas Schardt