Hey, I’m George Sanders the founder of the Daily Gospel Network. I just wanted to make this quick video to thank you for your interest in the Daily Gospel Network. At this point we have just a few spots left on the Network.

And we would like to fill those spots in the next couple of weeks, so as an incentive, we are giving away a FREE custom 5 PAGE website to those Ministries who sign up between now and the end of this promotion it is on a first come first serve basis. If you don’t have a Website, I don’t need to tell you how important one is, so to put it simple, you need a website for your Ministry. Listen carefully, once we reach the goal, this awesome offer is gone so act fast.

Also, for the very 1st time we are allowing sponsors on our programs, so if you know of a business, nonprofit, organization that would like to sow into your Ministry and help your Ministry be seen on TV and grow, they can advertise during your program. Keep in mind, we collect from you, and it is your responsibility to collect from you sponsor. Our prices are already incredible, but this is something we wanted to provide for you to help with lowering your cost to air on the network.

And Speaking of incredible prices, to broadcast your Ministry on the Daily Gospel Network starts at $25/week, and the most expensive package is only $50/week there are no hidden fees and NO setup fees, just pay your first month and that’s it.

That’s not all, we even edit your program with intros, outros, and lower thirds with donation inserts and now sponsorship inserts.

Take a look at the network and see our professional presence

It is our goal to help you grow your Ministry, so we can all do our part to grow His Kingdom, spread the good news, and save more souls.

I hope that your Ministry can take advantage of the Free custom 5-page website, and We look forward to seeing you on the network, God Bless.